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Protection of equipment from various types of wear

  • Overlay welding on the base surface

    Wear-resistant layer

    Base surface

    Our technologies and experience make it possible to select the optimal overlay welding material that will protect your equipment from wear and increase the service life of your parts and assemblies.

    The technology of overlay welding the wear-resistant metal on the base surface is one of the most effective technologies for protecting equipment from wear and increasing the service life of the product.

  • Types of wear

    Abrasive wear

    Thermal wear

    Cavitation wear

    Impact wear

    Chemical wear

    Adhesive wear

    Protection against up to one type of wear.

    Depending on the operation conditions of the product and your wishes as to its service life, we can select and apply a wear-resistant coating that protects the part against a certain type of wear.

    Protection against combined wear

    Our technologies make it possible to select or develop the required composition of the overlay welded metal, which will protect the surface against any type of combined wear.

  • New parts with wear-resistant overlay welding

    Wear-resistant parts manufacturing

    We produce new wear-resistant machine parts by overlay welding protective materials on the base surface.

    Lining of base surfaces

    We offer wear-resistant sheets with different properties of overlay welded metal.

    Wear-resistant products and assemblies manufacturing

    We produce new wear-resistant products and assemblies that have a higher operating resource than those made from high-strength steels and from high-alloyed cast irons.

  • Restoration of worn parts and assemblies.

    If your part or assembly is worn out, there is no need to buy new ones.

    The technological capabilities of our company make it possible to fully restore the quality properties of the product.

    Depending on your terms of reference, we can not only restore the original properties, but also enhance operational reliability by increasing the service life.

  • Benefits of consumers applying the services and products of Technoinkom LLC

    Air blower volute
    Volute without overlay welding
    8 volutes without reinforcing overlay welding per year
    Price of one volute is about $8,000
    1,000 × 8 = 8,000
    You spend $8,000 per year
    - Costs of repair work
    - Downtime
    Volute produced by Technoinkom LLC
    1 volute with overlay welding serves throughout the year
    Price of one volute is about $2,700
    1 × 2,700 = 2,700
    You save $5,300
    + Reduction of repair costs
    + Downtime reduction
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