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To attention of trading and manufacturing companies!

Now TECHNOINCOM LLC is expanding the dealer network for products delivery within the territory of Russia, Asia and Europe. For all issues of cooperation, write to e-mail for dealers

Protection of equipment against various types of wear and tear is a highly specialized branch of mechanical engineering. Today in our country there are few real experts working in this field. We are interested in expanding cooperation with experts both in the development of new materials for overlay welding and spraying, as well as experts in new materials application technology.

We are ready to consider any forms of interaction and cooperation. The execution of agency contracts with full support or employment by our company, as a full-time employee is possible. For all issues of cooperation, write to e-mail for technical experts.

Dear producers of equipment and materials!

Same deal with producers of modern wear-resistant materials. Our company is constantly engaged in research and development, developing new products, so we are interested in any most advanced and revolutionary developments in the field of equipment, technologies and materials to create even more effective products of great consumer value to our customers. If you have such materials and developments, and you are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation or experience exchange, we are always open to dialogue and are waiting for your proposals to

e-mail for equipment suppliers.

Reasons for cooperation

The materials and technologies we use are universal and have proved their efficiency at the leading industrial enterprises of Russia. To our customers we offer ready-made solutions for complex protection against various types of wear, increase of service life and operational reliability of equipment, parts and assemblies.

Five reasons to cooperate with us:

  1. System analysis of wear and tear problem.

    Our experts will study the customer's technical information, identify the root causes of wear, develop engineering solutions including not only design documentation, but also repair and restoration technology.

  2. Choice of materials.

    We have over hundred types of overlay welding materials capable to solve various tasks of our customers. The professional experience of our technologists allows choosing material which is the most suitable for a customer for application in the specified operating conditions.

    While solving non-standard problems our experts can develop and produce an overlay welding material that meets the complex technical requirements of a customer.

    Our task is not only to manufacture products with a high service life, but also to achieve maximum efficiency from its application by making it repairable during future operation.

  3. Manufacturing and restoration of parts.

    At all production stages: from manufacturing of overlay welding materials to the finished products manufacturing - we ensure quality control. All production processes are automated to the greatest possible extent. Our core value is our experts. Thanks to them we cope with any problems and create technical solutions in the form of finished products that have no analogues in terms of the results obtained and the goals achieved.

  4. Assistance in solving technical problems.

    We are always ready to assist our customers in solving technical problems. Our experts regularly go to the customers’ enterprises and know firsthand what the production process is and what problems local technical experts face in various industries. We share knowledge validated by practice.

  5. Development.

    We understand that even the most advanced technologies will work only when there are experts able to develop and use them. That is why we focus on human capital. We are constantly in progress acquiring new knowledge, we are in constant search, we regularly run industrial tests. Our main goal is to create the best WEAR PROTECTION solutions.

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