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Wear resistance is a property of the material to resist wear under certain friction conditions estimated by the reverse wear rate or wear intensity. Wear resistance depends on the composition and structure of the material being processed, initial hardness, roughness and technology of part processing, the state of the counterpart

Most customers, when looking for a product or service, expect a miracle - to buy cheap, but at the same time to get a one-hundred percent expected consumer value. And they have every right to such position.

In most cases the cost of parts and materials produced by Tekhnoinkom LLC may be significantly higher than the cost of conventional, standard products used by our customers. But at the same time our products are fully economically justified. The service life of our product is 2 or more times longer, and the cost of the worn part restoration (if the service life is 1:1) will be much lower than the cost of new equipment. The higher cost is compensated by the fact that our products:

  • Provide increased operational reliability of the equipment.
  • Increase the coefficient of its effective use.
  • Reduce costs of repair and purchase of spare parts.
  • Reduce the complexity of repair work.

More than 10 years of experience in the field of equipment and parts wear resistance increase allow us to say confidently that the cash equivalent of the benefit is many times greater than the cost of our services.

For non-standard products the price will be formed after study of your terms of reference.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that for the qualitative solution of the wear problem and increase of the service life of the problem part or assembly, it is necessary to use modern application technologies and modern wear-resistant materials, to have special-purpose equipment and personnel. Otherwise we cannot guarantee the result. It is this concept of creating effective products that results in a significant net cost and affects the final price of our products and services.

Sometimes customers ask to provide cost calculation for the products or services we provide.

We take care of everything that relates to trade secrets, production processes and technologies - both ours and of a customer. Calculation with a detailed layout for the net cost of products and services of Tekhnoinkom LLC is not provided to customers. We are flexible to each customer, we are a client-oriented company and constantly strive to improve the quality of our work.

For the manufacturing of products contract prices are set which are subject to discussion between a supplier and a customer during negotiation. And only a customer decides whether our proposal is suitable or not.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and for your proper attitude to us!

Technological capabilities, high-quality materials for overlay welding and lining, qualification of the employees of Tekhnoinkom LLC allow us to manufacture high-end wear-resistant products that are in no way inferior to products manufactured by similar leading enterprises in Europe and Asia.


The warranty period for the products shall be established by Tekhnoinkom LLC and is specified in a contract. The warranty period shall start from the date of the product (structure, assembly) putting into operation. The date of the product (structure, assembly) putting into operation shall be confirmed by a Certificate for Installation provided by a customer to Tekhnoinkom LLC.

Warranty conditions

Tekhnoinkom LLC shall perform its obligations, provided the products are used for their intended purpose, in accordance with the conditions specified in the questionnaire filled in by a customer, and in compliance with the operation requirements established at the Customer's enterprise for such equipment.

Warranty limitations

The warranty does not apply to out-of-service equipment, its assemblies and accessories for the following reasons:

  • non-compliance with the technical requirements contained in the installation and operation manual;
  • negligent handling, accidental or intentional breakdown of the product by the Customer;
  • Customer's non-compliance with the operating conditions specified in the questionnaire.

The average time for sending a technical and commercial proposal is 7 business days.

  • A request with a completed questionnaire is responded within 5-10 business days.
  • It takes up to 14-15 business days to make a proposal for technically demanding orders.

Work with a request includes:

  • Evaluation of technological and design capabilities of the order;
  • Study of the order by the Engineer Department and Procurement Department;
  • Pricing;
  • Delivery term formation.

The stage-by-stage work of the company's experts with each order, careful consideration of the terms of reference, ultimately, positively influence the results of our work.

In this regard, we ask you to understand why our specialists do not answer you, dear customers, on the very day of request receiving.

We pay great attention to data collection, formalization of the customer's requirements and conditions in which a part or assembly will work. At the initial stage of our work our experts try to find out everything that will help to choose suitable wear-resistant material and manufacture a part. Sometimes, due to lack of information provided (special operating conditions, installation design features, requirements for strength characteristics), it may be difficult to select exactly the required material or manufacturing technology.

In this case we are ready to offer customers the most loyal conditions for cooperation. For us the level of the customer's interest in the complex solution of its technical problem is important.

Tekhnoinkom LLC brings the percentage of successful completion of orders to 95% - that means that almost any task related to the choice of material for overlay welding or manufacturing a part with wear resistance exceeding the standard will be met.

The company works both with single orders and with long-term orders with regular prolongation.
Long-term cooperation: annual and semi-annual contracts are especially convenient for customers when a wear-resistant part or restoration service is expendable material in which there is a constant need.

For such customers the availability of necessary parts in the warehouse is especially important. This condition determines the absence of failures in the production cycle, especially for enterprises operating in a mode where the continuity of the production process is required - 24

Long-term contracts allow Tekhnoinkom LLC to create necessary stock reserve of expendable materials, optimize logistics, precisely keep to the delivery schedule.

Please be receptive to the fact that any production makes orders in strict dependence on the technological cycle and the availability of raw materials and it cannot observe extremely short delivery terms for single orders.

Our company has developed a number of package proposals for system buyers which shall be discussed on an individual basis.

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