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Work layout

Terms of reference

We provide a customer with the form of terms of reference, so that the customer can provide necessary information to our technical experts.

Technical and commercial proposal

Having processed the information received we send a technical and commercial proposal where technical and commercial terms and conditions of the contract shall be specified.

Expert on-site visit

The experts of TECHNOINCOM LLC are ready to go to a customer’s enterprise to assess the condition of equipment, assemblies and parts, as well as to monitor operating conditions. If a customer needs to assess the technical potential of our company, a customer may perform on-site technical audit of our company on previously agreed terms of access to the information provided.

Testing programs

For customers wishing to verify the stated characteristics of the proposed materials for overlay welding and lining, we offer programs for testing of our products samples or for primary industrial tests. They are available before a contract execution.
The program terms and conditions are flexible, they permit to objectively evaluate the quality of the proposed solutions. Implementation of such programs works very well: our customers receive not only dry figures of the technical and commercial proposal, but see the real results. For more information about the test program see “Running tests and submitting samples”.

Contract execution

A contract includes appendices: drawings agreed upon with a customer, test program, terms of reference. The structure of appendices to the contract is determined by the complexity of the technological task being solved and the customer’s requirements for the result.


The order is shipped from the warehouse in Belgorod (ex works) or to the customer’s warehouse (Russia, CIS, Europe on CPT terms).
Should restoration of worn parts be ordered, we take the parts from the customer’s warehouse and deliver the serviceable parts and assemblies to the specified address.

Installation supervision

You can order the visit of the technical experts of TECHNOINCOM LLC to the enterprise for:
  • installation supervision;
  • presentations;
  • training of technical specialists on work with our products.

Quality control of work

After delivery the experts of TECHNOINCOM LLC control the quality of our products during operation. We welcome objective customers feedback taking into account their comments and wishes in the following contracts.

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